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Common Pool Issues

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There are millions of residential swimming pools in the US. Though they are excellent for birthday parties and hot summer days, swimming pools also come with a couple of unnecessary troubles.  

It is crucial that you know the common pool issues that all pool owners encounter. You will have the best swimming pool that you can enjoy year-round if you understand how to properly take care of your pool.  

Before hiring a professional pool service in Fresno, here are a couple of pool problems that you should know: 

Poor Circulation 

Clogged pool filters might cause poor circulation. However, there are also other things that can cause this problem.  

If you’ve got a hole in the airline, your pool might experience poor circulation. The pool won’t circulate anymore if it’s leaking. You need to contact a professional immediately to fix any damage that causes poor pool circulation.  

Clogged Pool filter 

For those who don’t know, a swimming pool will have to circulate water. As we’ve mentioned earlier, if the pool filter is clogged, the pool’s circulation can be affected. Typically, if you don’t regularly clean your pool, the filter will eventually be clogged. Things such as bugs, leaves, dirt, and much more will clog up the filter. Thus, it won’t be effective.  

You need to examine the filter if you see that your pool has more debris than normal. Cleaning the filter is the easiest solution if it’s clogged. If you want to prevent this issue, you have to regularly clean the pool and get rid of floating debris.  

Excessive Chlorine 

Though chlorine is excellent for preventing algae from growing in the surfaces of your pool, excessive chlorine can be simply as challenging as algae.  

You might have excessive chlorine in the pool if you find it hard to see underwater or you get severe irritation in your eyes. Measuring the chemical balance of your pool is the ideal way to know if you’ve got too much chlorine. You have to ensure that the level stays constant.  

Algae Growth 

If your pool has a blue/clear color, then it’s healthy. However, you have probably seen a pool that looks green, musky, and totally unappealing. Pools are probably infested with harmful algae if they’ve got a green color. Algae are the most popular pool issue that homeowners encounter.  

Usually, algae infest pools that have an extremely low level of chlorine. It is an excellent idea to hire a professional pool service company if your pool is starting to look green. They will help you remove the algae. After that, you have to improve the levels of chlorine in the pool. This will avoid future infestation of algae.  

Getting Rid of the Issues 

You should not allow your swimming pool to become unappealing to the eyes of your family and visitors. You have to know how to identify common pool issues and take preventative measures. Having regular pool maintenance is the ideal way to care for your swimming pool. You can always hire a professional pool service company to maintain your pool.  

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